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HackIllinois is redefining the collegiate hackathon as the first entirely open source hackathon. Students work with experienced open source mentors over 36 hours to contribute to open source through new features, bug fixes, and documentation changes.

The Event

This year, only groups who work on an open source contribution and add a license will be eligible to win prizes. Contribute to a useful open source tool that you use, an open source project of your own, or join a team led by an open source mentor.

Join Us

Interested in contributing to open source? Be sure to apply for your chance to attend. Really want to come? Complete our Open Source Challenge for guaranteed admission to HackIllinois 2019. It’s simple—just make one PR to any project between December 1, 2018 and the close of applications. New to open source? No problem. Our workshops and mentors will help guide you through the intricacies of open source, from licensing to making your first PR (pull request).

Hackathon Sponsors


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

The Big Fish Presented by Fulcrum

$7,500 for the best open source contribution with commercial viability.

*Participant(s) whose entry wins The Big Fish will assign and transfer applicable rights to Fulcrum Global Technologies Inc. Please visit Fulcrum Global Technologies Inc. for more information regarding the prize disclaimer.

Dive Into Healthcare Presented by Optum

Health Kit for leveraging open source technology to help people live healthier lives.

The Cleanest Catch Presented by IMC

$1,000 for best contribution or work on developer tools, especially those focused around code review and code refinement.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Presented by Caterpillar

Work on an open source project that will help those specifically in need.

A Deep Sea Journey Presented by Amadeus (2)

Amazon gift cards valued at $1,000 for best contribution to an Amadeus open source project.

Ocean Source Software Presented by Particle

Particle Mesh Kit for best IoT contribution to an open source hardware project.

The Fish Market Presented by Capital One

Amazon gift cards valued at $300 for developing or expanding upon an open source project in the field of finance.

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Devpost Achievements

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HackIllinois Judges

HackIllinois Judges

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    With the context of the project in mind, does this weekend’s work make a difference to other contributors? What about users of the project? Contributions should be meaningful, relevant, and exigent to the open source projects the team worked with.
  • Sustainability
    Should be conducive to future open source work and well documented. Approval from mentors, code quality, growth, maintainability, version control usage, longevity, future plans, vision. The project represents the open source community and culture.
  • Technical Competency
    All members must have a solid understanding of their project. They should explain their thoughts thoroughly, continue working on the project, and explain the project to future contributors. They demonstrate an intimate learning of the weekend’s work.
  • "Wow" Factor
    There are certain submissions that just cause you to say “WOW.” We’re looking for a submission that has an “It” factor that blows the pants off people who see it. It is up to your discretion to identify this intangible quality

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